The past events shown are for the Year 2011 onwards.  To view details of previous years events, please visit our original website here and select Past Events from the menu.

Our Journal shows all the articles relating to the Pinkerton Forest, Mulla Mulla Grasslands and Werribee River Volcanic Gorge.

PLEG and its members have received numerous community and environment awards.

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group (PLEG) is concerned with the restoration of native grasslands and grassy grey-box woodlands, including the grassy woodland of Pinkerton Forest, the nearby native grassland in Mulla Mulla Grasslands (Bush's Paddock) and of the adjacent section of the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge, (which adjoins Western Water Treatment Plant at Surbiton Park) within the City of Melton, Victoria, Australia.

The articles listed here were written by members of PLEG and published in other organisations publications and magazines.

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