Koala hnb 10 12 07 thKoalas can still be seen in the woodland remnants around Melton.

Koalas appear to have made a tentative return to Pinkerton Forest. Quarterly bird surveys by Birdlife Australia and Pinkerton Landcare & Environment group have observed Koalas on three occasions in the twelve months.

Bearded Dragon Pinkerton
3 Nov 2014

This large Bearded Dragon (Pogona barbata) was recently found in farmland adjacent to Pinkerton Forest. About 40 cm in length it was sunning itself on a gravel track, before running off into a Melicytus bush growing over a rabbit warren, beside the track. Two smaller relatives are found locally; Jacky Lizards in Eynesbury & Mountain Dragons in the Pyrete Forest. The Bearded Dragon is much larger & more robust than the smaller local dragons, with more pronounced head spines (& expandable beard). These fearsome looking lizards are both inoffensive & harmless!

This sighting would appear to be outside their usual range as according to DEPI ‘Bearded Dragons are generally found in the warmer parts of Victoria, north of Melbourne’. ‘The preferred habitat of Bearded Dragons are trees in woodlands and dry sclerophyll (Eucalyptus) forests where they can observe their territory, catch prey, bask in the sun and sleep.’

Jacky Lizard Eynesbury
30 Aug 2011

Its appearance here is something of a mystery. The habitat would suit them as Pinkerton Forest is dry sclerophyll woodland (Grey Box Grassy Woodland). Perhaps it may be an escapee? Nora Peters also photographed a Bearded Dragon a year or so ago between Melton & Toolern Vale, so perhaps their range may extend further south than maps allow.


View the DSE Wildlife Factsheet on Bearded Dragons

bullant x200
This is the large bull ant that roams the Pinkerton forest. It's called a Myrmecia nigriceps among other things, especially if its not biting.  (click to enlarge)

The ant is noctidiurnal, prefers open forest & woodland, is a predator and nests in soil.

Ants at Pinkerton Forest:
Blue Tongue Lizard
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