First planting at Pinkerton Homestead 27th July

irene cutting tobacco trees x150On 27th July members of PLEG & visitors planted at Pinkerton Flat, at the site of the old Pinkerton homestead, beside the Werribee River.

The home site is marked by several very old Robinia trees. Most of the bluestone has been removed from the old house over many years for the building of stone walls along the river flats so the walls are now little more than knee high. An old photo shows the house in 1892. The roof had been removed even at this early date.

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Bird Art in Pinkerton Forest

bird sculptures crop

As well as addressing practical issues like planting and weeding, Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group has also placed artworks depicting native birds in the forest.

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Weeding at Pinkerton Homestead

pinkerton homestead 20mar2016 thWeeding at Pinkerton Homestead

20th March 2016

On Sunday 20th March Frances, Irene, Simon, Glen and Daryl of PLEG began work at the site of the old Pinkerton homestead beside the Werribee River.

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Ringwood Field Naturalists visit

FNCV visit thRingwood Field Naturalists visit Pinkerton Forest

On Sunday 12th April 2015 the Ringwood branch of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria visited Pinkerton Forest. About 35 people participated, making this one of our largest visits to Pinkerton. The Field Naturalists were most impressed with the forest and discussed the possibility of returning, perhaps in spring.

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Section 173 Agreement between Melton Shire and Western Water

Section 173 Agreement between Melton Shire and Western Water
Pinkerton Forest

On Tuesday 27th April 2010 an agreement under Section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 between Melton Shire and Western Water was signed.
This S173 agreement provides protection of Pinkerton Forest in its natural state in perpetuity.

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