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Rainfall for 2019

 rainfall for 2019

Note: rainfall after March 2020 not likely to be measured due to Covid-19 restriction


Australian Government: Communities Environment Program
Grant for $6,500

In 2019 PLEG was invited to apply for an Australian Government: Communities Environment Program grant. We were subsequently awarded a grant for $6,500, for revegetation work in Pinkerton Link.

‘The Communities Environment Program is designed to support small scale, community-led environment projects that address local environmental priorities in each of the 151 federal electorates across Australia.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • deliver positive environmental and social outcomes
  • give communities the resources, skills and knowledge to care for the environment.

The intended outcomes of the program are:

  • improved management of native species, including threatened species, and their habitat
  • improved management of the environment, including coastal, wetland and riparian areas
  • reduced levels of threats and risks to the environment, including from the impact of litter/waste, run-off to waterways, feral animals, diseases and weeds
  • increased community knowledge of, and participation in, activities that protect and restore environmental assets
  • increased community connection with the natural environment in their local area.’

Grant application by PLEG

‘The Pinkerton Link corridor will provide native fauna with a larger habitat area, increased available food supply and promote healthier habitat. The 12 hectare paddock will link Pinkerton Forest and Mulla Mulla Woodland, allowing native fauna to traverse between the two areas, enhancing the biodiversity significance of the two sites. Pinkerton Forest, owned by Western Water, consists of approximately 35 ha of remnant plains grassy woodland. Bush’s Paddock (now Mulla Mulla Grassland) is a Melton Shire Council owned reserve located on the north east boundary of Pinkerton Link. Pinkerton Forest and Bush’s Paddock are examples of fragmented habitat islands. The paddock had been used for controlled disposal of bio-waste for 25 years.

The Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group (PLEG) will institute tree-planting, re-vegetation, weed control by weeding, spraying, slashing, burning & grazing. Slashing will be by Western Water personnel, spraying & burning by a registered environmental contractor (Western Land Services) & the farmer who leases the bulk of Western Water's property at Surbiton Park will be asked to graze his sheep to control exotic annual weeds at the appropriate stages of growth. More sensitive weeding will be done by PLEG members. Pest control is undertaken by Western Water or by suitably qualified contractors.

We regularly invite schools & other community groups (ie Girl Guides, bird watchers, bushwalker etc) to assist to assist in planting & weeding. We also invite members of the local community to join us in environmental activities, advertising these in the local press, social media, local environmental newsletter & email mailouts.

We only plant locally indigenous plants, grown from locally collected seeds either by PLEG members or by an indigenous nursery (GAGIN).

We regularly monitor bird diversity & populations & record these on eBird. We also monitor wildlife by means of a movement-triggered trail camera.

This ambitious & innovative project by PLEG, in partnership with Western Water, aims to achieve nothing less than to replant a forest on a paddock that is at present virtually devoid of native vegetation!’