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Celebrating the natural environment of the Melton Region

Melton Visitor Information Centre         8 – 28 February 2014

Presented by:   Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group

During the month of February 2014 Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group held its inaugural Exhibition of Environmental Art.

The exhibition was a celebration of the natural environment of the Melton region, featuring a depiction of Melton’s local wildlife, wildflowers, scenes and nature in all sizes shapes and forms; including local landscapes: Grasslands, Grassy Woodlands, escarpments, gorges, volcanoes etc. The exhibition consisted of paintings, drawings, collage and photographs.

Artists represented included Judy Allen, Florence Roche, Veronica Schwartz, Peter Gregory, with artworks also submitted by junior artists Alexandra Newman (aged 12) and Thomas Sell (aged 6).

Judy Allen submitted photos taken in Pinkerton Forest during a day of torrential rain. Our woodlands are usually seen in dry conditions, especially during our recent record-breaking drought. Her photos of this landscape eerily enshrouded in mist give a unique perspective of this woodland that is usually so dry and familiar.

Florence Roche submitted a coloured drawing ‘Scarlet Robin’ and a painting ‘Eucalyptus macrocornuta’. The Scarlet Robin showed the detailed, soft and fluffy plumage of the tiny bird with the branch upon which it perched also depicted in a richness of colour and textures. Her ‘Eucalyptus macrocornuta’ depicted this eucalypt blossom in intense detail.

Veronica Schwartz submitted two watercolours ‘Aireys Inlet Burnoff’ depicting the aftermath of burning off in the bush and ‘Gold’ showing a sprig of Guinea Flowers. Her ‘Aireys Inlet Burnoff’ dramatically depicts the stark aftermath of bush that has just burnt, with blackened trunks, ash covered ground and the smoky haze that has been all too familiar in recent weeks in the February fires. Her ‘Gold’ illustrates the beauty of a Guinea Flower, with the bright gold of the flower petals contrasting with the sparse foliage.

Peter Gregory submitted a photo of a ‘Rose Robin’ as it perched on a branch. The robin looked almost close enough to touch, with its finely detailed plumage, delicately coloured rose breast and its bright shining eye.

Sue Petch submitted a collage ‘Birds Nest with Feathers on hand crafted paper’. This features a tiny and fragile nest, possibly that of a honeyeater, that had blown on to the ground. It is surrounded by what appear to be the orange-coloured breast feathers of the Rainbow Lorikeet combined with the rose-coloured breast feathers that appear to be that of the Galah, interspersed with the secondary flight feathers of a Rainbow Lorikeet and another birds. This was placed onto a rose-coloured hand crafted paper background with a pattern of leaves. This artwork depicting the colours, patterns and textures of an Australian garden.

There were also two artworks submitted by local children. Alexandra Newman’s drawing of an owl shows a finely drawn Barn Owl in front of the stark branches of a tree in the pale moonlight. Thomas Sells texta drawing of a Superb Lyrebid amply illustrates both a love of birds and a love of bold colours, as well as an enthusiasm to paint.