Restoration of Poa Escarpment - 2005

With the success of the Pinkerton Forest and Mulla Mulla Grasslands projects it was an obvious step to extend the boundaries and tackle another area nearby.

With assistance of Western Water, we successfully gained support and funding for the restoration of the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge area which is located on the edge of Surbiton Park. Work was started, working in close association with Western Water in 2005. 

Left: General view of the Poa Escarpment area prior to restoration works comencing showing extensive Boxthorn and Patersons curse on floodplain.

Photo by Lyn Holdsworth.  
Echium plantagineum (Patersons curse)  
Verbaseum thapsus (Great mullein) Euphobia lathyrus (Caper spruge) William Rajendram (Western Water) & Frances Overmars (PLEG) look over the degraded areas deciding how to start at the Poa Flat.
Boxthorn, removal with excavator. Boxthorn removal by hand.
Above/Left: Boxthorn on the river bank in the process of removal.
Above: Natural Poa escarpment.

Right: Restoration in progress - weeping grass and Poa planting, protected by a new rabbit proof fence.

Photo by F Overmars.

Photographs by Western Water except where noted.