Weeding in Pinkerton Forest Wednesday 23rd March

On Wednesday 23rd March Irene, Rosemary and Daryl returned to Pinkerton Forest where we spent several hours weeding.

Due to Stage Two Covid-19 restrictions we kept several metres from each other, in a 40 acre woodland this was not difficult.

Using mattocks we removed Galenia (Carpet Weed), Boxthorn & a very few Serrated Tussock.

After morning tea we collected seed from native grasses; Weeping Grass, Redleg Grass and Windmill Grass. The weeping Grass and Redleg Grass had grown prolifically in response to the accidental flooding from the breached bund that keeps irrigation water from Upper Pinkerton. Large quantities of exotic weed grass had grown as a result of its flooding but we were pleasantly surprised to see the native grasses proliferating also! Every cloud has a silver lining!

We are used to dealing with accidental flooding resulting in weed growth. The weeds are easily controlled by grazing by sheep.

However we decided that the grazing should be held over until late winter or earlier spring to allow the native grasses to set seed.

PLEG member Dr Rosemary Fethers created a set of health and safety guideline in response to Stage Two Covid-19 restrictions. Within days however these were quickly superseded by Stage Three restrictions.

We were pleased to see many wildflowers growing in the Forest, including New Holland Daisy, Desmodium and Dianella.