Pinkerton Forest, Mulla Mulla Grasslands (Bush's Paddock), Eynesbury
Held in conjunction with the BOCA (Bird Observation & Conservation Australia) 

Spring November 20

Gates open 0915, walk starts 0930.

Meet at Pinkerton Gate - Pinkerton Forest.

Pinkerton Forest is on Mt. Cottrell Rd (Melways Page 7 near the right side about 1/3rd the way up or Map 221 on newer Melways), which runs between Greig's Rd and Boundary Rd.

From Greig's Rd there is a group of 2-3 houses on the right after about 2km – entrance to the forest is IMMEDIATELY after these.
If approaching from the south (Boundary Rd) Pinkerton Forest is IMMEDIATELY before the 1st house on the left.


Bird Survey at Pinkerton Forest/Mulla Mulla/Eynesbury. Various woodlands on the Western Plains. Remnant grassy woodlands owned by Western Water and Shire of Melton not normally open to the public.

After Pinkerton we will move to Mulla Mulla Grasslands and Eynesbury (toilets and a coffee shop!).

Bring lunch. Appropriate walking gear required.

Dave Torr: Tel 9749 5141, Mob 0400 566 656
Daryl Akers: Tel 9743 2495 (PLEG), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.