Celebrating the natural environment of the Melton Region

Melton Visitor Information Centre         8 – 28 February 2014

Presented by:   Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group invite artists to contribute works of art to an Environmental Art Exhibition in February 2014, with a focus on our local natural environment.

The art exhibition will be part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Australia's largest and oldest sustainability festival. The exhibition will be a depiction of Melton’s local wildlife, wildflowers, scenes and nature in all sizes shapes and forms. The medium can be by paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media & photographs. Themes may include: wildlife, local landscapes: ie. Grasslands, Grassy Woodlands, Escarpments

 (Note: only one artwork per artist)

(deadline for submissions 31st January 2014)

One artist will receive a 4 day Botanical Art Beginner Workshop at Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne: (cost $349)                                                                                           

There will also be a Peoples’ Choice award, judged by visitors



WHEN: 8 - 28 February 2014

TIME: 9am - 5pm

WHERE: Melton Visitor Information Centre

323 High Street, Melton



Melton Visitor Information Centre

323 High Street, Melton, VIC, 3337

(Mel Ref: 337 B9)

Open daily 9am - 5pm

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