Wildflower Walk at Bush's Paddock -

Sunday 11th Nov 2012   9.30 - 12.00

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group will host a wildflower walk in Bush’s Paddock.

After strategic burns native wildflowers were sprouting everywhere. Chocolate Lilies & Showy Podolepis are presently flowering.  Peter Sell has discovered Stackhousia in the grassland (after previously discovering another Stackhousia last year in another part of the grassland). We will see plenty of wildflowers, resulting in a record spring wildflower display! We have numerous Featherheads (Ptilotis macrocephalus) blooming at the moment.

A chance to see what a native grassland should look like!


Bush's Paddock is at Mt Cottrell Road, about 1 km south of the intersection with Greigs Road
Melway Map 221 Ref H5.

Mt Cottrell runs south of the Western Highway, a couple of kms east of Melton