Our Group

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group (PLEG) is concerned with the restoration of native grasslands and grassy grey-box woodlands, including the grassy woodland of Pinkerton Forest, the nearby native grassland in Bush's Paddock (Mulla Mulla Grasslands) and of the adjacent section of the Werribee River Volcanic Gorge, (which adjoins Western Water Treatment Plant at Surbiton Park) within the City of Melton.

The group is also involved in the restoration of Cobbledicks Ford Reserve, Werribee River, in the City of Wyndham, and with the annual ‘Clean Up’ Australia Day at this location.

The group regularly undertakes seed collection, propagation and planting of local indigenous species to achieve this aim.

Native grass seed harvesting is also carried out.Large scale strategic management programs have been used for control of the noxious weed, serrated tussock, including burning and grazing at seasonally appropriate times.Spring wildflower walks are conducted annually.

The grasslands are seen at their best in spring and summer when the wildflowers are flourishing and the native grasses are setting seed. Seasonal bird surveys are undertaken with the Bird Observers Club of Australia (BirdLife Australia).

Statement of purpose

The group works in partnership with Western Water for Pinkerton Forest, and the City of Melton for Mulla Mulla Reserve (Bush’s paddock).

The aims of the group:

  • Protection, preservation and enhancement of the natural environment of Pinkerton Forest, Surbiton Park and its surrounding catchment.
  • Protection, preservation and enhancement of the flora, fauna and features (indigenous, scenic, archaeological, geological, historic and scientific) of Pinkerton Forest, Bush’s paddock and the surrounding catchment.
  • Educating and informing the community about the values of the natural environment.
  • Fostering community involvement and enjoyment of the region.

PLEG meets at the Western Water Treatment Plant, Griegs Road, Mt Cottrell

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