Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group (PLEG) manage this area in partnership with Western Water.

For further information contact the PLEG Secretary.

For approval to visit Pinkerton Forest, please contact Western Water.


General view of Pinkerton Forest

The woodland forms a component of the farm, Surbiton Park, used to process waste water by irrigation. When the farm was acquired, eighteen hectares of the 50 hectare woodland was fenced in 1992, to exclude rabbits and control grazing.

This action started the restoration process. The history of the forest does not start in 1992, the original inhabitants of the land, the aborigines tended the area for ages prior to the white settlement by the early pioneers, mainly the Pinkerton family.

Aboriginal Heritage

Pinkerton Family Heritage


A lone Blue Box, Eucalyptus baueriana ssp thalassina MS. which is specific to the Werribee Catchment

Diamond Firetail
Stagonopleura guttata

Photos by Sue Rochford

After six years of restoration work the wildlife has started to return to the woodland, using it as part of the Exford network of grassy grey box woodlands linked to the Werribee River.