An evening with Judy Allen

Melton Shire Council
Wednesday 18th May 7.30
Community Meeting Room 4
Attendance Free !

Well known environmental horticulturist Judy Allen will speak to local environmental groups about her environmental work.

Judy Allen is a TAFE teacher at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre at the Womens’s Prison in Deer Park, teaching a course in Horticulture. She has offered to grow indigenous plants for environmental revegetation projects as part of a TAFE course. This is seen as a way the women at Deer Park can contribute back to the community.

The Department of Justice, Moreland Council, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative recently won the Most Innovative Partnership Project Award for a revegetation project in Moreland, in 2010. This has inspired the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre to do something similar this coming year.

Judy is also a well known environmental horticulturist who presented the CD “The Natural Gardener Seeding the Future: seed collection & cleaning for Friends Landcare & Gardeners”.

The Dame Phyllis Frost project will begin an environmental restoration project that will link Pinkerton Forest with Bush's Paddock woodland. This will rehabilitate a paddock previously used to dump sewerage biosolids, thereby creating a wildlife corridor between the two woodlands in the process, in partnership with Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group and Western Water. The project will also provide indigenous plants for Melton Environment Group for the Arnolds Creek Biolink Project.