12 May 2008

Today I went out to Mulla Mulla Grasslands to work with the Conservation Volunteers Australia crew.

It was a brilliant day, great autumn weather, we raked half the top soil banked onto the stone fence, (I had to leave the other half for another group to do') cut & painted a few boxthorn, mattocked and hand pulled galenia, repaired the stone shelter in the yellow box copse, and did some litter control along Mt. Cottrell Road.

What is good about all this, is that it is now getting really difficult to find something for these crews to do!

But all the above is not the reason I'm writing now, but to let you know about the great survivors, the podolepis, pussy tails and plume grasses. When we were last there on Sunday 4 May, we couldn't find any survivors, but now following about 11mm of rain, there are lots of small green tussocks of leaves clearly emerging.

Also, in the woodland, found the first self generated Ac. acinacea and the Ac. implexas are doing nicely as well.

No more watering is needed, hooray!

Frances Overmars