On Thursday 25th July Irene & Daryl visited Pinkerton Forest to mattock out Boxthorns. The Boxthorns were all less than 20 centimetres in height. Boxthorns in Pinkerton have been effectively eradicated over the years but unfortunately they keep re-appearing as seeds are constantly being dropped by birds and foxes, usually under trees.

The Forest was literally alive with birds. About a dozen Wood Ducks were perching in trees with hollows, presumably looking for suitable nest hollows. A pair of Black Ducks were also perched in hollow trees near the Green Shed. Numerous Galahs were also investigating tree hollows. Spring is coming!

A single Kangaroo hopped across the lane in front of us, probably one of the thirty or so kangaroos that make their home in Mulla Mulla Grassland (aka Bush’s Paddock).

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Two Kookaburras were also present, flying noisily together among the trees. We have been observing a single Kookaburra here over the last year so the appearance of another er is welcome. Hopefully they may nest here in one of the many tree hollows or perhaps even in one of our nest boxes.

We also sprayed a small patch of Cane Needlegrass. This appears to be an isolated patch, possibly brought in by grazing sheep. Hopefully this small outbreak can be eradicated before it spreads in the forest.